Diabetes is more widespread than ever and a vast majority of cases diagnosed are type 2 diabetes.

Even though for some the development of diabetes is predictable, possibly due to heridity, obesity, lifestyle and other factors, for the greater part it can be disallowed by taking these simple action steps.

Before type 2 diabetes becomes completely developed you go through a period known as pre-diabetes. There you begin to show a number of the symptoms, which if disregarded, can lead to a full formed diabetes.

Make the following action points component of your every day routine and you will surely stop this disease from happening to you.

** Exercise is excellent for your health. But in case you are not used to exercise, then start with self-control. Fifteen minutes of moderate walking each day will make it easy for you to enter a normal exercising routine.

** Drink two liters of water every day, at least. If you carry a bottle of water with you, and sip often, you will be amazed how much you do drink all through the day.

** If you are fat you risk developing diabetes. Cut the amount of foodstuff on your plate so you steadily eat less and begin to lose weight. Drink plain water or a carbohydrate-free beverage before your meal to take the edge of any appetite pain.

** Diminish the amount of fat you are consuming; bake or grill foods instead of frying; make use of low-fat spreads and meals.

** Verify the glycemic index of the foods you eat -- knowing the gi
of each food helps preserve your blood glucose, which in turn can avoid the
full arrival of diabetes.

** Make use of skimmed and not full-fat milk in hot foods and drinks.

** Every time you feel peckish prefer a healthy bite rather than something like a chocolate bar.

All of these action steps are also the ones that people with diabetes are advised to take. So if you take them right now you will possibly prevent diabetes and other irreparable damages to your health.

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-Marcus Laux, N.D., editor of Dr. Marcus Laux's Naturally Well Today newsletter

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