The method of treatment for your diabetic neuropathy can vary according to your symptoms and the sort of neuropathy that you have. Ordinarily, treatment focuses on decreasing current symptoms and preventing the situation from getting worse. All this by keeping your blood glucose level within a constricted target range. This translates into glycosylate hemoglobin (HbA1c) levels near normal.

You can keep your blood glucose levels within the objective range by taking your oral diabetes medication or insulin as prescribed, checking your blood glucose levels, following your diabetes diet (including herbal supplements), exercising, and seeing your physician regularly.

It is as well important to properly mind for your feet when you have diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy may produce a loss of sensitivity in your feet. It is possible for a wound or other foot trouble to go unnoticed. Without proper foot care, an untreated foot sore can lead to a severe infection or possibly even amputation.

It is wise as well to preserve healthy habits such as consulting your physician regularly, checking up your blood pressure, eating a balanced diet, taking good nutritional supplements, exercising on a regular basis, not smoking, and restraining or avoiding alcohol. Supplementary treatment depends on the exact sort of diabetic neuropathy that you suffer from, along with your present symptoms.

Numerous people suffering from peripheral neuropathy have from mild to cruel pain in particular areas of their bodies. Talk with your physician about treatment that can lessen your pain and recover your physical functioning, humor, and psychological well-being. If you are recommended to use heat or ice, be cautious. Neuropathy can make it difficult for you to experience changes in temperature.

In most cases, treatments for your neuropaty may include, among others, physical therapy such as stretching, exercises, and massage.

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