What is the most recent assumption of why glucose damages the nerves? There exist two main possibilities, experts say. Both aim the protecting cover of the nerves, the so-called myelin sheath.

1. One hypothesis is that it is either blood sugar directly, or a derivative of the metabolism of sugar -- something that chemically produces irritation of the nerve sheath. When this sheath is ruined, a bare nerve is uncovered - just as you would expose an electrical cable if you stripped off its plastic outside layer. The exposed nerve is very aching at first, but then over time, the sensation could be totally lost.

2. The other hypothesis says that the problem resides in the circulatory system and the absence of the blood supply to the nerves. If the minuscule blood vessels that nourish the nerves are destroyed, then you see a malnourishment of the nerve sheath. There is some support for one or the other hypothesis, and there is some proof that both may be going on, too. It is a subject that has not been resolved yet.

Consequently while contemporary medicine does not thus far know definitely what causes nerve pain, one fact is certain: maintaining your blood sugar at a safe range is the foremost step in defending the healthiness of your nerves. Be confident and quick to talk with your medical doctor at the first signal of abnormal nerve pain, numbness, tingling or burning sensation -- no matter where they may occur in your body.

Years of elevated glycemic index food eating and recurrent discharge of insulin into your bloodstream may have caused this injure to your body and some level of insulin resistance to appear.

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