You may be getting ready to spend a great weekend, which is quickly approaching. I hope you get plenty of time to give your body some rest. This is not always easy, even less when you are constantly focused on maintaining your blood glucose under control. But truth is, we diabetics all need to get rest to regain our energy levels, especially on weekends.

Speaking of energy, do you some times wonder "why I might be feeling so weak?"
The reality is that you have lots of potential energy from glucose, frequently high levels of glucose, and yet your body is unable to make adequate use of it. You can produce at least part of the insulin your body requires, and still you cannot properly utilize it. Remember that insulin is a hormone intended to help the sugar contained in the blood stream to enter the cells to provide energy.

As a diabetic, like the vast majority of those with diabetes, you might suffer from the underlying problem called insulin resistance. Statistics show that in 90% of all type 2 diabetics the pancreas makes plenty of insulin, but your cells resists the action of insulin and the sugar won't be allowed to get inside.

As a logical consequence, the level of blood glucose begins to rise. There are products, including drugs and the like, which attack the major source of elevated blood sugar. You may ask your doctor about these.


When you have high blood sugar for extended periods it does more than sap your energy. It also puts you at risk for nerve damage, memory loss, a weakened immune system, and even heart disease, among other serious complications.

Studies show that any progress you make in controlling your blood glucose will result in evident benefits for your health. For example, for every 1 point reduction in your HbA1c, your risk of developing complications of diabetes could be reduced by an astonishing 40%.

There is another option, besides the blood sugar lowering drugs. It is called the herbal supplements, all-natural, with no side-effects and also very affordable (cheaper and safer than chemical drugs, by the way). Of the various I've seen and heard about in the Internet, I could recommend AyurGold.

As an AyurGold user, I can report the following benefits, while following a balanced diet+exercise program and getting sufficient rest at the same time:

++ Controlled blood sugar levels.
++ Increased vitality and energy.
++ Reduced urination frequency.
++ Better sleep and greater confidence.

Other users also report:

++ Diminished blurry vision and migraines.
++ Better appetite and well-being.
++ Quicker recovery time from tiredness and injury.

You may want to visit the India Herbs web site, to get complete information about AyurGold and other herbal supplements.

: stabilizing your blood sugar is not so hard to attain, and is extremely important in maintaining your overall health.

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